Labrador adopts 15 orphaned ducklings

ByMaksim L.

Jul 17, 2022 ,

In Essex, UK, a Labrador named Fred adopted 15 orphaned ducklings who lived near Mountfitchet Castle.

The owner of the 15-year-old dog, Jeremy Goldsmith, said that this is not the first time Fred has become the guardian of ducklings. He had a similar experience in 2018, when he took care of eight chicks. Goldsmith added that the Labrador is accustomed to living among different animals and therefore easily interacts with them.

After the mother of the ducklings has disappeared, Fred tries not to leave them unattended. The chicks liked the foster father – they happily huddle at his side and ride on their backs.

Living on a farm in Suffolk, England, it was previously reported that the good-natured St. Bernard dog breed became a nanny for kittens and newborn chickens. The owner of a three-year-old dog said that she discovered her love for baby animals when two wild kittens appeared on the farm.

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