The OA

After Prairie’s meeting, Johnson comes back to his foster family after seven years, recounting facts that none of the listeners believe. The girl, previously rendered blind, has begun to see, and is now able to navigate through different dimensions, she says. This picture can hardly be attributed to any universal genre. The series caters to fans of the time travel storyline and the general fans of twisted weaves.

Black Mirror

Charlie Booker explores the current society through his collection of sci-fi genre. Flaws, sins and the fall of society. The series are practically not interconnected by a storyline, however, connecting nuances hidden by the author slip through. The series examines the negative results and consequences of rapid scientific progress and the introduction of high technology. The future is not foreseen in light pink colors, but on the contrary, it will give the public food for thought about the terrible life of future generations.


At first, the film gives the impression of a purely sci-fi genre. A portal connecting 1986 and 2019 is found in one of the German towns. In this series, the British narrowly focused history is combined with the theory of physics. Constant tension and every minute concentration – this is what is required from a viewer who wants to solve the puzzles and paradoxes of “Darkness”.


In a parallel world, drugs are being researched, and then they are tested on people who live their lives again and receive traumas that have already been lived. The main characters are faced with circumstances when the experiment fails due to technical problems with the controlling artificial intelligence. The story tells about the fate of people with mental illness.

Altered Carbon

The series is an adaptation of the work of Richard Morgan. A hired detective investigates the murder of the richest man. The catch is that according to the version of the series, people who have the opportunity to pay will not die after the death of the physical body, but will move, take root in another. The plot will make the viewer think about the value of every moment lived, and the amazing effects will take your breath away and cause amazement that this is possible.

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