Cats are heat-loving animals, but heat is dangerous for them. The fact is that felines have almost no sweat glands, they cannot regulate their heat transfer in the way we do.

If the temperature in the apartment is above 25 ° C, the owner needs to take extra care of the health of the pet. As a rule, at this time, cats become less active and prefer to rest on a cool floor. If the room is stuffy and there is no air conditioning, do not drive the pet from the chosen place.

Not all cats like water treatments, but if the pet does not mind, lightly wet the back of his ears and the skin on his paws.

Be careful to always keep clean, cool water in the bowl. If possible, change it several times a day, but do not pour too cold water. This can cause the cat to catch a cold.

How to feed a cat in the heat
In the summer, it is also important to adjust the cat’s diet. Due to the fact that the animal moves less, its appetite may decrease. In this case, reduce the portion size a little and do not leave food in the bowl, as it will dry out quickly.

Give preference to foods with a high water content.
It is especially difficult in hot weather for cats with long hair. They lick themselves more often and therefore swallow more wool. Feeds with fiber in the composition help to reduce the formation of hairballs in the stomach and their excretion.

It is also difficult for cats suffering from excess weight. In the heat, the load on the body increases, so you need to carefully monitor the diet and do not overfeed the pet.
In summer, the smell from the tray can be especially felt. Feeds containing chicory contribute to the reduction of unpleasant odors.

Be considerate of your pet and remember to consult your veterinarian before making any dietary changes.

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