In order to charge a small gadget that is discharged at the most inopportune moment, you may only need to … run. A device that unexpectedly motivates the owner to go in for sports was invented by a student from Perm, Ivan Frolov.

To do this, it is enough to run longer
We are all well aware of the unpleasant situation when the charge of a mobile device suddenly ends at the most inconvenient moment.

Well, if in this case an additional battery (powerbank) or a regular socket is at hand. But what if you are not in a dense man-made environment, but, for example, on a hike, fishing, in the forest, and there are no third-party sources of electricity nearby, but there is an urgent need to use the gadget? In this case, an innovative device will help in some way.

The system of “self-charging” of the phone was developed by a student of the Perm Polytechnic University. The new device allows you to produce the coveted “percentage” of the battery charge of an electronic device in any, even extreme conditions. All that is needed for this is your movement: the system uses the principle of converting the kinetic energy of an oscillating pendulum into electrical energy.

The mechanism of operation of the device is simple: the pendulum inside the device oscillates when the owner walks, runs – in general, moves. Further, the generator simply converts the vibrational energy into electrical energy and stores it in a capacitor (accumulator). After that, by connecting, for example, a phone to a “self-charging” device, you can observe the replenishment of the device’s battery charge.

However, no technique can boast of a complete absence of negative qualities, and the specimen in question is no exception. The fact is that the system in its present form, although it is able to provide the necessary amount of energy in a critical situation, for example, to call an emergency service, or power an electronic clock, is useless for the full use of an energy-intensive device. It takes too long to build up a charge.

According to Ivan Frolov, a developer from the Faculty of Chemical Technology, if this system is finalized with the involvement of specialists in the field of energy technology, this “minus” can be eliminated.

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