Car buyers will think about whether to buy a car in which they smoked or transported animals and children
The British edition of WhatCar published the results of a survey of motorists on the topic of buying a car in the secondary market. writes about it.

WhatCar journalists told how children and dogs depreciate cars

The journalists found out what factors will confuse the buyer and why they will demand a reduction in cost. 2668 motorists took part in the survey.

Thus, 85% of potential buyers of used cars said they would demand a discount if the former owner smoked in the cabin, or even refuse to buy such a car. 60% of motorists answered that they would think several times whether a car that was previously used to tow a trailer is needed, especially when it comes to a motor home.

65% of Britons admitted that it would be a problem for the owner of the car to transport pets in the cabin, and 42% would bargain if small children were transported in the cabin. 17% of respondents will not buy such a car at all.

Almost all respondents said that for each of these nuances in the history of operation, they are ready to demand a discount of 5% to 15% of the price of the car.

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